Creating Custom Music For Storytellers

Sonic Identity, Emotive Sound design, & Creative Harmony

Vibrations are coming from everywhere around us. From the early morning squeal of a garbage truck’s brakes to the chirping crickets composing hi frequency symphonies while a fire crackles at a campsite, these sounds shape the soundtracks to our lives. It holds influence over our mood and memory even to the lowest of frequencies that are only felt.

I write music to help story tellers develop a sonic identity and resonate with their audience.

Featured Songs


Sad Smiles Happy Blues

ft. BJ The Voice

I sought to recreate the musical aesthetic from the civil rights era with a modern vocal to show the parallels between our past and present realities.


ft. Caitlin Cardier

We all have dreams. This is an anthem for the dreamers.

Featured Videos



Tooth and Fang

Sonic Branding


With sonic branding, I craft a piece of music that connects with the listener for your story long after the experience.   Whether it’s for an advertisement, album, podcast, video game, independent film, or special event playlist; Sound triggers memories and I will create the music to make your story memorable.