Music Producer

Creating Custom Music Through Sonic Identity, Emotive Sound Design, & Creative Harmony

Vibrations are coming from everywhere around us. From the early morning squeal of a garbage truck’s brakes to the chirping crickets composing hi frequency symphonies while a fire crackles at a campsite, these sounds are the soundtracks to our lives.

Thank you for finding me and I hope we can create together. 

Featured Work


Love Like That

ft. Keeley Shaye

Love Like That is a song about a woman scorned.

Sex Like I Kill

ft. Nourish The Youth

Strong, confident, determined and driven pop.


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Innovation that Excites

Why Sonic Branding


Sonic branding is thinking about music in a strategic way. What does your brand, product or service sound like?  Who is the demographic? It extends your visual communication with an audio identity.

Sound, and in particular music, is very good in triggering memories. Therefore music and audio logos are a very strong tool in branding. Branding with both visual and audio elements is much stronger than branding with visuals only.

With sonic branding, I craft a piece of music that connects your listener with story through emotive sound design.   I have written music for an advertisers, guided meditations, poetry, video games, films, and indie rock gods.

Music holds influence over our mood and memory even to the lowest of frequencies that are only felt.