Kyle Devine is a prolific multigenre veteran producer based in Portland, Oregon.  Whether it’s a heavy hip hop anthem, a sweaty club banger or a bouncy big band piece, Devine’s work is typified by sophisticated, soulful rhythms met with instrumentation (both eclectic and classic) that reveal fresh blooming depth with each passing bar.

As a young man, Devine became obsessed with hip hop music and producers such as Dr. Dre, Timbaland and DJ Premier.  He was soon loading beats into a wave editor and examining each producers nuance by ear and by eye.  Kyle officially began his career as producer in 2001 when his now wife purchased him an MPC 2000XL as a gift, selling his first beat shortly thereafter and never looking back. Devine soon opened a commercial recording and production studio, dubbed Devine Noise, in North Portland and has worked with over 500 clients and on over 100 albums.

Most recently Devine has connected with the unique and supremely talented vocalist/songwriter, Keeley Shaye, on the LP Metamorphosis.  Focusing on the music as a force of healing, the duo have crafted an album that effortlessly hops from genre to genre with a deep sense of hope, joy and light, in the face of trial, tragedy and tribulation. From club hits to anthems to trap infused bangers, Devine’s production chops and experience of over 16,000 hours spent mixing and producing are on full, fat colorful display.

Kyle Devine’s body of work, always alive and pulsing with palpable energy, soul, and life, not only sounds extraordinary, it feels incredible, and that is what it’s all about.