Kyle Devine

Growing up the only thing Kyle Devine could count on was music.  If he had any home it was in the beats and melodies pumping through his headphones.

By the time he was in high school (Devine attended four), his experience was entirely colored by the work of Dr Dre, Timbaland, & DJ Premier.  After picking up a copy of a well-known wav editing software he began studying the music that had guided him through his teenage years; examining waveforms, looping portions, manipulating sound into new forms.

Over the years he developed a name as a producer, built his own studio space, and worked with the cream of the crop from the Northwest while also licensing material to national brands such as NissanMcDonalds and Vice.  However, the resonance of the music that he felt as a young man growing up was disappearing.

After some soul searching, Kyle found his way to the other side with renewed optimism. Through his rediscovery of the power of music to provide an emotional, mental, and physiological safe place, he set out to provide a way for other artists to heal and share their healing process though music.

In 2016 Devine connected with Keely Shaye, a unique and supremely talented vocalist and the two consciously set out to work on music made for healing.   The resulting albums, Metamorphosis [RCR024]and And Still don’t dodge heavy content – quite the contrary – but are saturated with a deep sense of hope.  The spirit of healing triumphs through all the trials, tribulations, and tragedy that come with being alive.  Devine’s production chops and over 16,000 hours spent mixing and producing are on full colorful display.  The duo effortlessly hop genres from club bangers to anthems to trap infused songs. Each track exudes a life of its own and jumps into the listeners soul, staying there long after the record ends.

Keeley Shaye

I’m on a mission to heal the world by providing music and leadership; giving listeners the motivation to let go of the idea that hiding emotions is vital to success in life. One of the most important lines from Metamorphosis is from the song ‘No Approval’; “I don’t care what you see in me; what I believe is I will see better”.

That’s the goal. That’s my mantra. No matter what the world may tell us our worth is, we have to believe we are worth more. We have to believe in ourselves. We must define ourselves by our strengths, no our weaknesses and failures. We can be broken as people, but still have beauty and worth. There is still infinite value in everyone who has been torn down, bruised, scarred.

Metamorphosis is an antidote for heartache, hopelessness, and poor self-image. It’s the words people need to hear to gain trust in their own abilities, their own worth, to believe they have value again. In a world where people find themselves caught in a wave of constant incompatibility, let this album wake up the subconscious that shouts “YOU ARE IMPORTANT. I BELIEVE IN YOU!”